Co-curricular activities in the School, according to their standard and personal interest. Active participation in the co-curricular activities is an integral part of the educative process. 05.01.01. Literary Associations (English, Tamil) Philately, Quiz, Science and History Clubs.

05.01.02 Educational Tour.
05.01.03 Social Service
05.01.04 Sports and Games
05.01.05 Physical Culture to be introduced.
Literary Debate, Elocution, Recitation
scientific Preparing models
Spiritual Prayer Service
Physical Games, Sports, Mass drill
Cultural Dance, Music Singing and Fancy Dress etc.
Mass-Media Audio –Visuals aids
Hobbies Collection of Stamps, Coins & Pictures etc.
Social Sharing the responsibility of the staff, Campus Cleaning, regulating students at meets
National Integration Celebration of National Festivals
Vocational Computer & Craft etc.